MOTIV8 provides powerful solutions regardless of industry. If it can be measured, we can incentivize it.


Food + Drink

CRM + Data

Mobile + Apps

Tailored Rewards

Reward your members with tailored experiences that money can’t buy. Each experience furthers your brand – whether it’s running onto an NFL field with your grandchild, watching a play from the theatre’s wings or diving into a shark tank.

Shared Experiences

We all want to be part of something bigger than ourselves and to belong to a community with similar interests and passions. MOTIV8 allows users to share personalized experiences with pre-existing groups and teams, or with new individuals for the first time.

Deep Flexibility

MOTIV8 is designed with adaptation in mind so you can incentivize just about any behavior, regardless of industry. Specific roles, frequency limits and conditional states give even further control. In short, if it can be measured, MOTIV8 can incentivize it.

Seamless Integration

Enterprise-level integration and custom APIs with the biggest names in Ticketing, CRM, Mobile, Point of Sale and Social Media create a seamless experience for the end user, with a consistently branded interface and single sign-on.

Smart Commerce

Points for dollars? Dollars for points? Regardless of whether it’s member discounts, loaded value or a points exchange, MOTIV8 gives you precise control over how your members conduct their spending on the ground and in the cloud.

Powerful Creative

MOTIV8’s tight partnership with Watson Creative allows us to merge the best of technology and creative, matching decades of design and brand strategy experience with leading edge technology. The result? A comprehensive approach to transforming your customers into devoted brand champions.